4 Desserts to Help You Lose Weight

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When you are on a diet, staying away from the scrumptious desserts becomes almost impossible. It gets hard to tame those sugary cravings, so what happens is, people often lose control and end up ruining their fitness regimes.

However, we have an easy solution for all the dessert lovers out there, you no longer have to feel guilty about having a sweet course. 

Here are the top 4 dessert picks that won’t make you feel guilty and aren’t fattening:

1. Cake Pops

Ever heard of low calorie cake pops? No? Well there is a first time for everything, dark chocolate cake pops are just a little over 100 calories. Dark chocolate supposedly reduces belly fat and lowers cholesterol.

2. Chocolate Popcorns

If you are craving chocolates then you can indulge in its richness without guilt. According to studies, the unsweetened cocoa bean chocolate melted and drizzled over popcorns count for a healthy dessert. The fibre in the popcorn keeps you full and you can have a generous serving without doing any damage.

3. Grilled Peaches

This 150 calorie low fat dessert is all you need after a nice dinner. This is everything that you want in a dessert; sweetness, fruity punches and bread. Grill peaches and bread, layer them and top off with mascarpone and goat cheese blend.

4. Lemon Mousse Topped with Fresh Strawberries

This dessert is nothing less than sunshine. The beautiful light and fluffy lemon mousse topped with fresh strawberries is a delight. Prepare the mousse with yogurt and gelatin instead of cream and eggs, layer mixed berries in between for a surprise.

If you are on a dairy-free diet, try the watermelon sorbet. It has a refreshing sherbet flavour, which is light and fat free. Don’t forget to burn off the calories at a Fitness Training Camp in Thailand.

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