About Air Conditioning Ducts

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What exactly are ducts?

Ducts are essential elements of all heating, air flow, and air-con systems. They perform a very important function of providing and taking away air. All HVAC systems require air transfer in several directions. Which includes supply, come back and exhaust.

Inventing, systems ducts control air copy from out aspect to the inside of the room to be able to ensure indoors quality of air and temp maintenance. This technique is also known as ductwork and design, measurements and optimization are named duct design.


They are being used to transfer frosty streams in one location to other and deliver it where it is necessary. Performance of enthusiasts, ACs and coolers will stay limited without AC ducts. You can browse http://www.ballinaaircon.com.au/air-conditioning.html to know more about the right ducted air conditioning in Ballina.

Ducts allow the frosty channels to be moved where it is necessary and get diffuse over an extensive area and reduce temperatures level. In addition, it helps to decrease the speed of chilly air and minimize sound level.

Types of AIR-CON Ducts

You will find three types of air-con ducts.

  • Overhead ducts
  • Ducts for scorching environments
  • Ducts for Location Cooling

Overhead Ducts

These ducts are suspended overhead with steel cables. Small holes can be found on factors of ducts that generate channels of cold blowing wind that infuses with warmer room air and move all around the building and reduce the temperature.

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