Allopathic Treatment For Diabetes

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Allopathic medicine is an expression commonly used in India to refer to modern systems of medicine. This term is also used by homeopaths and proponents of other forms of alternative medicine. It basically refers to the mainstream medical use of pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms or path physiologic processes of diseases or conditions. You may explore the web if you need to know more about Natural Medicine Seattle.

In allopathic treatment, doctors consider and treat everyone in a similar manner and they make use of drugs for treatments. Mostly these drugs are used to stop or block one particular function of an organ. Drugs never correct the root cause and it only gives temporary relief.

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Alternative medicine:

Alternative medicine system consider human as a whole and it treat each human differently with respect to his body nature, even for the same disease. It not only considers the disease, but also its causes – physical and mental reasons behind the cause.

Homeopathic remedies diabetes

For example homeopathic remedy is concern they find the correct remedy by looking for symptoms of:

1) Main complication

2) Physical symptoms

3) Mental/emotional/psychological symptoms

4) Modalities (when the disease is better and when it is worst)

5) Causation (reason behind the disease – root cause)

Diabetes homeopathic remedies are individualized with respect to their individual physical, mental, modalities and causation. That means one medicine identified to an individual works best to him but it will not give same result to another, that is he/she may need different medicine with respect to his/her nature.

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