Are You Facing Persistent Neck Pain?

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Your shoulder harm and you think that may have overdone it working out or doing lawn work. But the pain doesn’t go away — . The pain might be so severe that you just see stars when your arm transfer too fast. You wash your back or also can not lift your arm past your waistline.

All these are symptoms of frozen shoulder syndrome, a debilitating illness that’s pretty common for individuals older than age 40. Sadly, it’s additionally frequently misdiagnosed, says MD, physiatrist Michael Schaefer.

“Frozen shoulder syndrome is among the most common analyses I see within my practice,” Dr. Schaefer says.

Dr. Schaefer says he frequently sees patients who've been misdiagnosed with a pinched nerve or uncomplicated neck pain that's believed to originate in the shoulder.

“It’s ill-fated, because it takes some time for these patients to get the proper treatment, and the pain can be rather nasty and take more to go away,” Dr. Schaefer says.


Frozen shoulder occurs when the powerful connective tissue surrounding the shoulder joint becomes inflamed, rigid and thick. You quit using your shoulder due to the pain, which causes the connective tissue making your shoulder even harder to move — immobile and.

Reasons for frozen shoulder syndrome include injury to the shoulder, operation or other part of the body, including specific health states, and the head.

Because the illness is correlated with blood sugar control for instance, people who have diabetes have an one in five chance of growing frozen shoulder. People who have thyroid illnesses also are more prone to the illness.

With frozen shoulder syndrome, receiving timely care is so crucial that you the curing procedure,” he says. “ It will go away, but the pain relieves considerably quicker.” Detailed discussions on the subject are happening at neck pain forum

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