Best Online Streaming Apps

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The time has gone when people waited in front of the televisions to watch their favorite shows. A lot of simpler options are available now which allows people with the convenience of watching them anywhere in a lot of their devices. It is the latest online video streaming apps that resulted in this situation. Here we will discuss some of the top online streaming apps that can be tried for your various devices including smartphones.

If we are talking about the video streaming apps, then the first thing that we should check is the Amazon Prime Video. It is a streaming service that comes from the World famous shopping site Amazon. Like the other services from Amazon, the Prime Video is also found to be satisfying the users. The paid version of this app is found to be a little bit costly. However, it seems extremely competitive with the type of service they are providing. Netflix is another streaming service which is even more popular than the Amazon Prime Video. The support for Chromecast is something that differentiates the Netflix from the other one. The support for 4K and Dolby Vision are some other highlights of this video streaming option.

Hotstar is another competitor in this section which is the most used video streaming service in India now. With the inclusion of a lot of TV channels and separate sections for the different type of videos, it is very easy to handle as well. Apart from these services, you can find a lot of other similar option including the popular 3D Movies on Kodi which can make you spent your free time in the best possible way.

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