Buy Self Defense Products

Self-defense products by definition are nonlethal in nature. They represent a very viable alternative to the use of deadly force in self-defense. Law enforcement officers worldwide have been using a variety of self defense products for years. Products like pepper sprays, stun guns, batons and tasers have a great track record of success. You can also buy tactical lights online through the web.

Pepper sprays are probably the most widely used self defense tools in the world with stun guns coming in a second position.

Self defense items are meant to give you time to escape the dangerous situation and seek assistance or just escape. None of the self defense products on the market today cause any long-lasting damage to an assailant.

Many people ask me what is the best value self defense products? Answer is simple. The multifunction stun gun can protect you in four ways. First and foremost it has 4.5 million volts enough to melt the worst of any bad guys. It also has a super bright LED flashlight and red flashing emergency lights. And finally it has a loud alarm.

First of all stun guns are 86% effective in subduing an assailant. They use an electrical charge from two prongs at the end of a hand held device to cause the body to overwork thus depleting it of needed blood sugars for energy. All this happens in a 3-5 second application to the assailants body.

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