Choosing Brizo Kitchen Faucet

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Brizo brings you the best in kitchen faucets. Brizo kitchen faucets are always in high demand because of its style and class that makes the homeowners satisfied and happy. This brand is always there to serve your faucets needs and that also in a superior way. Get to know about the latest designs of faucets that are offered by this brand.


A perfect combination of traditional and modern outlook, Baliza features a four-function pull-out wand that attaches with new MagneDock technology. Baliza is the first pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucet to allow water volume to be controlled. This is one of the finest features of Baliza faucets.


Belo faucets are the most stylish looking ones manufactured by Brizo. Belo features a design much like a sculpture. The faucet features four function pull down wand and the sweeping form is paired with a two button and is attached with MagneDock Technology.

Beverage Faucets

Beverage faucets are known to be the true work of art. The design resembles much that of a sculpture featuring four-function pull down wand. This model has gained recognition for design exceelence.


Floriano is meld with a range of kitchen styles. It features pull down two function wand with ergonomic toggle switch along with a twist and lock mechanism. This mechanism allows holding the wand in place.


Loki faucets serve as an example of Scandinavian design. The faucet features unique handle system, and the design will simply amaze you. Loki is recognized with Red Dot award for product design.


Pascal faucets are designed for the cooking enthusiast. They are being designed in such a way that helps homeowners do their work easily. Presence of built-in sensor provides hands-free functionality. This feature allows you to activate water flow without touching the faucet. Smart Touch technology is used to manufacture this model that activates water flow with just a light touch.

Pot Fillers

Pot fillers faucets help to fill large cooking vessels quickly. Presence of classic or contemporary handle compliments the kitchen décor.

Providence Classic

The simple and classic design of providence faucets is ideal for small kitchens. Presence of such faucets makes the ambience look sweet and lovely. This style fits well to the traditional kitchen interior.


This faucet is manufactured applying European classic style. The faucet features high-arch spout that can be adjusted to left, right and behind the handle.


Inspired by Scandinavian furniture, this faucet style will mesmerize you with its stylish look. Both the kitchen and bar models feature hidden pull down spray. MagneDock technology is used to manufacture this model allowing Solna to maintain its neat and clean look.


Talo is Brizo’s first traditional pull-down faucet. This unique form of faucet features 2 button, four function spray wand, and smart touch technology. The smart touch technology allows water activation with just a little touch.


Tresa resembles design of past European style. All you will get is a classic feel using this model.

Trevi Cross

Trevi Cross is manufactured applying modern design. This one is ideal for kitchen serving the needs of homeowners properly.

All these models are available at your nearby bathroom and kitchen accessory shops. Before purchasing, make sure that you have selected the right one for your kitchen.

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