Complementing Your Body Type When Choosing Dresses for Women

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When choosing dresses for women, always keep in mind how you're built and what will look best on your body type. Be sure that your choice of dress is complementary to your body.It goes without saying that the dress should cover everything that needs covering. An off shoulder dress, however nice and trendy, will never suit you have broad shoulders that are not toned properly. You can also visit citron clothing for oriental inspired prints and silk clothing.

1. A Type: Triangular in shape, the A body type puts considerable emphasis on the hip area. If you have an A type of body, you need to divert the attention away from your hips. You should avoid wearing dresses that have horizontal patterns or belts across hips. Instead, draw the eye to the chest or neck area. Wearing fur collars will be advantageous.

2. H Type: A decided lack of curves is the hallmark of the H body type. The weight is concentrated in the middle of the body. Tight clothes that lead the eye to the belly area are to be avoided at all cost. You can choose empire waist dress to hide the middle part of your body.

The frame of an H type body could be single or double. It's always tough for us ladies to pick out the right dress. What with so many options available in the market, most of the dresses look desirable. But you cannot go on buying any dress you fancy. 

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