Defence Equipment For Police And Public

Self defence is essential for both men and women. There are actually a lot of ways to defend yourself from attackers and one of which is by using self defence products. There are a wide variety of products to choose from when it comes to self defence.

Some of which include stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers, knives and alarms. Self defence weapons come in many forms, in fact, just about anything you can use to defend yourself can be considered as a self defence weapon. Stun guns work on rechargeable batteries and are bar-shaped like electric razors, with two exposed electrodes at one end.

Activated electrodes are made to touch target's body causing pain due to severe involuntary contraction of muscles on account of electric current. This helps to startle and discourage opponent from further assault. This self defence safety product is commonly used by women to thwart any robbery or rape attempt. One can  also choose high voltage concealed stun gun online through various websites.


taser guns and stun guns can be easily carried in a jacket pocket or a small bag and are very effective ready to use personal safety devices.Police batons are one of several self-defence products used by police force. Police batons are either collapsible or expandable.

The first police baton was called 'billy club' and its inclusion as police training equipment led to evolution of variety of police batons. The most popular police baton is the telescopic steel baton. It has replaced all types of other police batons in the police force and law enforcement agencies.

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