Difference Between AC-DC Inverters

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The role of the inverter is frequently overlooked in a photo voltaic system.  It is not the most visible part of a system but it performs a critical role and constitutes large component of the equipment costs.

Firstly, The inverter applies the optimum voltage across all the solar panels at the string. To be able to extract the maximum energy from a solar panel you will need to apply to certain voltage across it.

Power Inverters are very common, for These inverter work well, so what are the improvements on the horizon that make inverter interesting?



Issues In Inverters

  • efficiency
  • reliability


Most commercial inverters Are around 97\% efficient, which is pretty good, but it still means that you lose 3 percent of all the energy you produce switching it from DC to AC. Increasing efficiency to 99 percent would increase the return on investment of the solar system and give a real competitive advantage. Rather than this, search more for Oriental motor via Visiting http://www.thaisupport.co.th/Oriental-Motor.html .


Most inverters are Guaranteed for ten years, which although isn’t bad, its only half the guaranteed lifetime of solar panels. If inverters could be guaranteed for 20 years, it would mean consumers could feel comfortable knowing that the system will function under warranty for its whole lifetime until the entire thing needs replacing.

Inverter manufacturers have been trying to improve reliability of the systems and products guaranteed for 20 years must be on the market shortly. As a side point; proving 20 year reliability is quite hard to do without actually waiting 20 years, and there is an entire field of study devoted to ‘accelerated stress testing’ of these products.


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