Different Types Of Bridal Bouquets

Selecting a bouquet for a wedding ceremony is not an easy task especially if it is your own big day that you are planning. There are so many choices of flowers that you can opt for in a bridal bouquet. Below are a few types of bouquets that are often used at a wedding ceremony and will help you choose one for you.


1. The Posy Bouquet

This type of bouquet is round in shape and is considered as the most popular type among modern brides. It is because posy bouquet is easy to carry and any flower kind can be used to make it. This type of bouquet also easily goes with a number of different wedding themes, whether it is vintage or country.

2. The Composite Flower Bouquet

Florist Murarrie has recommends using composite flower bouquets on the wedding day. It is because this type of bouquet is made from individual petals. These petals are wired together to look like a huge flower. It gives an elegant look to the bride and her attire. It is also considered intricate and gives an expensive look.

3. The Presentation Bouquet

This bouquet is basically a cover of flowers. It is designed in such a way that the bride needs to hold it delicately in both her hands. It is usually made of long stemmed flowers like roses or calla lilies.  These bouquets became popular in early twentieth century and are often used in modern themed weddings.

These are some of the most commonly used type of bridal bouquets.

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