Different Uses Of Concrete Pumps

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One very dangerous thing that is found from the concrete pumping industry every once in awhile is people having their arms, fingers, etc. amputated in the field as a result of cleaning out the pump using their hands as the pump engine is running.

Remember to read the pump manufacturer’s operating manual before fixing or cleaning your concrete pump. If you have to service the pump and will need to set your hands near moving parts, always shut the pump off the engine and remove the key and be sure all pressure is at zero.

Most pumping business will see a steady growth in pump jobs as a result of summer months ahead. This really is a great time of year to service your own pumps and equipment. With an increase of pump jobs, this indicates more cash. Don’t neglect to invest back into your own equipment. Don’t get out on a job and have a problem that could have been avoided.

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Assess your hoses for wear spots, and holes from the hose. Also, check the hose endings such as the inside. Search for thin metal. Check your reducer along with the endings of the reducers. Periodically gently tap your reducers with a hammer.

Start off having good pliers and hoses. When establishing a job, roll out the hose from one end and after rolling up it, roll it from the other end. That way you may inspect both endings daily. If you locate a lousy hose, then spray paint it to mark it and put it aside.

Vacuum Care / So when was the last time you changed your pumped oil?

Do not forget to check your pumps owner’s manual on if to change the hydraulic fluid, motor oil and all of your filters including hydraulic filter, motor oil filter, air filter and fuel filter. Assess all your hydraulic hoses and fittings, loose nuts and bolts, loose wires and fittings, etc.. Also, continue to keep your eye on your accumulator pressure. Do not pump with low accumulator pressure.

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