Dine And Wine Serving Etiquette For Restaurants, Caterers And Dinner Parties

The etiquette of serving food is a set of rules which are adopted by restaurants, caterers and even at private dinner parties. Use these rules as helpful tips, they're not official rules and can differ between cultures and countries.

While several of those techniques may seem petty and a little extraordinary, most have a sound explanation. Making service appear smooth and faultless allows the consumer to relax and not be interrupted by service staff. After reading this article, do visit https://www.theflatirongrill.com/ to get more refined details on wine and dine etiquettes.

1) The order of who to serve first starts with the guest of honor and anyone else of importance…Followed by the eldest woman all the way to the youngest male. 

2) The host is usually to be served last. That is for all service to the table including taking food and drink orders and serving them.

3) Plates are merely cleared when everyone on the table has finished. To be sure everybody has finished, ask the table if they've finished followed by “Was everything OK?” Although, this is fine, try asking an open question so you receive feedback rather than a yes or no.

4) Never rush your guests, enable a break between courses especially before desserts. Obviously drinks are served before any food orders are taken. The bill is just directed at the table once it's been asked for.

5) If the table has wine or champagne, remember to periodically top up their glasses. However there is an excellent line between being intrusive and neglecting your customer. Avoid letting your customer pour their own drinks unless they've expressed this.

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