Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

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Having a trained dog is not the same as using a balanced puppy, but if your dog knows a few basic commands, it may be useful when handling problem behaviors.If you are looking for more details about Jack Russell dog you may visit here

Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

So where do you begin with dog obedience training? You could take a course, but it is not mandatory; you can do it yourself. In actuality, with the right mindset, it may be fun for both you and your dog!


This is one of the easiest dog obedience commands to educate, so it is a good one, to begin with.

Hold a treat near your dog's nose.

Move up your hand, allowing his mind to follow the treat and inducing his butt to lower.

Repeat this sequence a few times daily until your puppy has it mastered. Then ask your dog to sit before mealtime, when leaving for walks, and during other circumstances where you would like him relaxed and calm.


This control will help keep a dog out of trouble, bringing him back to you in the event that you eliminate grip on the leash or unintentionally leave the front door shut.

Set a leash and collar on your dog.

Proceed to his level and say, "Come," while gently pulling on the leash.

When he gets to you, reward him with affection and a treat.

Once he has mastered it with the leash, then eliminates it and practices the control in a safe, enclosed area. 

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