Essential Equipment Needed For Cable Hauling Projects

For people involved in the cable industry, and who have work with cables every day, it is essential to have some sort cable hauling equipment at hand. There is a number of equipment available which are used to haul cables. You need to decide what you want and what suits your individual needs better. Here is a list to help you decide:

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Support Grips

Support grips help in providing extra support for the weight of stationary cables. There can be a lot of contraction, expansion and vibratory movements when it comes down to hauling cables, so support grips provide a supporting mechanism to the process. These types of supporting grips can be made from steel, which is either galvanized or stainless. They also come in bronze, but they can only be used once. Supporting grips can be used for both vertically positioned cables as well that are slope sided.

Split Duct Rollers

Split duct rollers are best for heavy duty cable hauling. These are used in handling bulky cables. Further, they are used to assist in cable exits from conduits within a certain range. For this purpose, it is important to take some cautionary measures. For example, making sure to have an expansion crew nearby when the cable is being put in the conduit opening. It can be a problem for the contractor and split duct rollers can aid in the problem.

Cable hauling equipment is very crucial to the process of moving, inserting and pulling bulky cables. If you are looking to invest in some similar machinery, you can find plenty of cable hauling equipment for sale near you as well as online.

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