Exercise Would Help Shed More Calories During Holiday Season

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Worried about eating too much over the holiday season? Exercise may protect against the inflammation that will come with overindulging to get a week, an incredibly little new study suggests.

In the study, researchers looked at four slender, active adults in their own early 20s who consumed 30 percent more calories than common for seven days. The participants were instructed to eat normally, with all the extra calories coming from Boost shakes. All participants worked out on the course of the week for at least 150 minutes.

Following the week was up, the researchers measured the participants' "glucose tolerance," that will be a test of how well the body can use and break down the sugar glucose. Previous studies have shown that people's glucose tolerance can be impaired by even one week of overeating. Nevertheless, none of the adults in the research developed impaired glucose tolerance.

This finding also demonstrates that exercise may protect against the inflammatory effects of short term overeating, the researchers wrote in a preliminary write-up of these results.

The researchers hope to accumulate more data, in a bigger number of participants, as well as to compare these results against those of participants who overeat but do not exercise, so that you can assess the strength of these effects, Ludzki said.

Inflammation is an immune reaction that can be triggered with a number of variables, including excessive eating, Ludzki told Live Science. But in individuals with obesity, inflammation becomes a "kind of continual immune response" in fat tissue, Ludzki said.

The results remain preliminary; so far, the laboratory has been able to examine only four active adults, although scientists have plans to perform additional testing on more participants, Ludzki said. She additionally noticed that the study relied on self-reporting; the research workers supplied the calorie supplement drink Foster to the participants, and they used a diet that was favorite -tracking program to track their caloric consumption. You will find more discussions on the above subject at pain forum

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