Exploring the Beautiful City of Chiang Mai

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In the idyllic shores of the south to Bangkok’s bustle into the jungle-shrouded northern mountains, Thailand is varied of terrain and air. It’s full of wonderful areas of research and among those jewels in its crown is Chiang Mai, the old capital of the north-west.

A Specific History

Until very recently, the aged northern kingdom of Lanna remained different from the southern areas; even after it formally became a part of Thailand, its distance from Bangkok supposed it kept a distinct personality and civilization.

Different components of Lanna culture – like its own products, dialect, and songs – remain widespread in the area now. Those interested in finding out more about the background of Lanna. You can get everything here that you need in your Chiang Mai tours (which is also known as “ทัวร์เชียงใหม่” in Thai language).

Colourful Markets

Among the city’s most renowned attractions is its own vibrant Night Bazaar, a sprawling street market that carries over a whole district following sunset. The official bazaar is placed in a multi-story construction, while a lot more stalls line the pavements of the surrounding roads.

Streets and Squares

Among the greatest methods of getting the sense of any town would be to stroll through its streets and Chiang Mai provides lots of opportunities for doing this. Its proximity to the river Ping, along with the remnants of this old city moat and walls, offer some fantastic places for drifting.

Thapae Gate is among the most impressive areas of the reddish brick town wall still standing, and also the adjoining square is a perfect spot for anyone wishing to devote some of their time on Chiang Mai excursions only soaking up air to see the world go by.

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