Factors That Can Help Mobile Web Design

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What are the Different Factors

Which Help in Improving Mobile User Experience?

Designing a website focusing on mobile users can be quite difficult since designers need to keep note of several different features which play an important role in creation of website which can attract user's attention. Our main aim here will be to look into two such features and how designers can improve them.

Ways to Improve Mobile User Experience

Accommodate Interruptible Nature of Mobile Devices

Toronto web developmentDue to portable nature of mobile phones, we tend to use them for many different purposes and likelihood of online browsing on mobile devices getting disrupted for one reason or the other is more than just a probability. As such browsing sessions on mobile phones tend to be a lot shorter in comparison to what is seen for desktop computers. Due to these reasons it becomes necessary for Toronto web development firms to design the site in such a way that it can handle such interruptions. Some of the steps which can be taken would consist of saving state of visitors as well as allowing visitors to save their browsing state. In this context designers should:

  • Simple Design: Simplify the design so that visitors are able to resume from the same point they had left a task.
  • Smooth Transitions: It will also be necessary to provide a smooth transition so visitors will not have to do the same thing again.
  • Browsing State: Developers need to create functionality which allows browsing history to be saved. This would mean that visitors can start browsing the site from same point where they left using a different device such as a desktop computer.
  • Prioritize Tasks: Apart from storing information about browsing state it would also be important to prioritize tasks. The aim should be to display information users are looking for as quickly as possible.

Utilize Proportionately Larger Elements

The small screens of mobile devices means Toronto web development companies need to create page elements a lot bigger than what they do for a site which is to be displayed on desktop computers. Accordingly, the text needs to be bigger as well as the other elements such as buttons, controls, etc. The reason is that combination of small screens and large fingers could mean that many users will not be able to browse your site if it contains comparatively small page elements. In addition to it, it is possible that some users will be browsing your site outdoors or while moving where it might be difficult to read small text. Thus, your Toronto web development team needs to pay special attention to: 

  • Size of Page Elements: Designers should make sure that buttons as well as other user interface elements are a minimum of 44px X 44px. Such size will ensure that they work properly as tap targets without creating any usability problems. 
  • Proper Spacing: Similarly, the designers need to provide ample spacing between all the elements so that user do not mistakenly tap on any element while attempting to tap on some other.


As we can see special attention is necessary when you are creating a mobile friendly web site. Designers need to consider limitations and strengths of mobile devices and make changes in their design accordingly.

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