Hardware Virtualization A New Way to Deal with Legacy Applications

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The time that every application in important computer data center was destined to a particular computer is thankfully gone. VMware virtualization technology folds many hardware systems into ‘virtual machines’ distributed on the few physical compute servers. You can check online to know how to deal with the legacy application.

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The effect: More efficient hardware use, less power, less floor space, less impact of hardware failure, all contributing to significant savings. These are just some of the benefits associated with hardware virtualization.

This kind of method works correctly on applications for computer systems that depend on modern hardware architecture. But where does that leave your business critical legacy systems, those build by the former giants of work like the DEC VAX and Alpha, the SUNSHINE Sparc workstation or the HP3000? The applications of those systems are coded and managed differently and will not run on modern hardware. They are so different that spinning can take years and millions of dollars in a very labor-intensive process.

To the rescue comes a fresh technology called ‘cross-platform virtualization’. Without changing whatever in the original software, it can make your legacy applications run as before on the modern virtual machines. It is a great way to postpone software migration costs, often forever. This new technology, a result of the incredible growth in computing power in an ever lower cost, can be explained as comes after:

Program code for a computer can produce brings about two ways. It can be put on a PC and executed. Or a person could read each program instruction and implement it one at the time, looking up it functions in a computer manual. In both instances, the results will be the same (although it will take the person much longer).

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