Have Clean And Happy Periods

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Ladies spend a good 6-7 years of their lives menstruating, and most women may not be aware that what they do during periods is hygienic or not.  According to worldwide statistics, on a single day 800 million women between 15-49 years have periods,  whereas 1.25 billion women do not have proper access to toilets during menstruation. Following a good menstrual hygiene not only saves you from embarrassment, but also promotes good health.

There are a lot of products in the market that cater to menstrual needs—sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cups, etc. So, choose the product in which you feel comfortable and safe. A little advice- stick to one brand and one product. Likewise, it is important to change your pads timely. Blood, when it leaves the uterus, becomes contaminated. So wearing same pad or tampon for too long may cause urinary infection.

Wash or clean, with a cloth.  Do not use soaps or other chemical based products as they may kill the good bacteria. During periods, try to wash your private areas with lukewarm water.

Many cultures say that it is not beneficial to bathe during periods. But science says, bathing during the periods relieves cramps, aches and also improves the mood. It also good to keep separate set of underwear for the menses. Always dispose used pads or tampons after wrapping them in a paper. Wash hands every time you change your pads.

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