How Color Selections Can Effect Your Website

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How Right Colors Can Make a Difference 

to the Way Visitors Interact with a Website?

Judicious use of colors is important for web sites to ensure that chosen colors match your website's theme. Your web design firm needs to keep note of the fact that mental states as well as emotions are reflected by colors and need to be considered while colors are selected for the site. Let us go through these details in the following sections so that you can make the right selection for your web site.

Different Colors, Different Meanings

Use of Common Colors – Yellow / Blue / Green

Yellow – Main Features: Energizing / Warm

People generally associate yellow with warmth and happiness, which is also considered to be energizing color. In case you audience base primarily consists of children then yellow should be the main color your web design firm should focus on due to the fact that yellow is able to effortlessly attract attention of children. Yellow is also the color which is used when any kind of warning is to be given (as for example, warning sign for wet floor as usually yellow colored). This color can augment anxiety and when judiciously used can be useful for a website. As for instance, call to action buttons in yellow color can instigate visitors to click on them by increasing their anxiety levels.

Select Colors After Considering Theme of Website and What it Symbolizes

Blue – Main Features: Calmness / Trustworthiness

web design firmBlue color is frequently utilized for websites and is known to be a color which builds trust and symbolizes calmness. As for instance, you will find some of the reputable sites such as Facebook using blue color since Facebook focuses on building trust and providing transparency. Another example is of Paypal which aims to highlight trustworthiness of the site. Decision by your web design firm to use blue can backfire in case site is about foods. Since blue is the color which is linked to poison, it is not considered the right color for sites about food.

Colors for Visitor Retention and Better Conversions

Green – Main Features: Nature / Eco Friendliness

If you are developing a site which covers topics such as eco friendliness, nature, environment and outdoors then green is the color you should select. In addition to being the right color for everything green and nature, it is also the right color for CTA buttons. It can be a useful color if it used in tandem with von Restorff or isolation effect. This effect states that common people are able to easily remember things which stand out. Additionally, use of green color can be quite useful for sites which are on the topic of environmental concerns and highlight how involved you are in different environmental issues.

A Final Note

We will conclude here with a final note that your web design firm needs to pay attention to proper use of colors so as to attract more visitors as well as to improve viewing experience users get. However, it will also be important to select the right colors after analyzing visitors who form primary audience base for your web site.

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