How Teleworking Can Benefit Your Business

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Companies or businesses that use extranet or intranet services, may enable their employees to access their offices from home by using VoIP technology. This is actually the idea of teleworking whereby employees have the ability to convert their homes into a segment of their office and remotely use data, fax or voice services with their workplaces via the organization's intranet.

This permits office work to be achieved far away from where in fact the work result is required or where in fact the work would normally have been done, by the use of information and communications technologies (ICTs).

Ways of Teleworking

1. Telecommuting – Whereby a worker or service provider works from your home rather than going to an employer's or a customer's premises. If you need any help regarding teleworking, you can also consult PWCIB.

2. Mobile teleworking – Whereby professionals, pros or service workers use ICTs to permit them to invest additional time with customers, as well as deliver a variety of services and capacities while on transit, which previously could have entailed visits at company office buildings or engaged office based staff.

3. Telecentres – They are central factors which provide local office facilities to the people who prefer never to home based but desire to avoid the price, time and inconveniences of commuting with their offices.

4. Telecottages – They are community centers which provide local neighborhoods with the usage of powerful ICTs, skills development and the networking and socialization areas of work that might not exactly automatically be accessible to a home-based worker. You can also have a look at this if you need more information regarding the same.

5. Functional relocation – That is whereby the business functions which were previously located near the customers are actually concentrated and sent from a distance.

6. Outsourcing – Various kinds of work is now able to be completed from a large number of mls away and "outsourced" across countrywide borders. Telework could also include "dispersed team working", whereby, for example, an engineering company might use three or even more teams in several time areas to work 24 hours per day over a time-sensitive customer tender, with each team "passing the baton" to another by the end of its working day. 

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