How to Light Artificial Christmas Trees

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Be sure to string your lights first, then add your tinsel and garlands, and lastly put your Christmas tree ornaments on your artificial Christmas tree. You will probably knock off and damage some ornaments if they are on the tree while you are wrapping the lights and garland around the tree, and you certainly do not want to damage those precious Christmas tree ornaments that may bring back special memories of family and earlier Christmas seasons.

If you fix all the parts of your artificial tree before you put it away, you will be in much better shape the next year you put it up. Consider color-coding the different parts of the tree with stickers or tape as you take it apart. Some of the best artificial Christmas trees come with detailed instructions and diagrams, but we all know that the instructions just about the first thing to get lost, so identifying the different parts can be very helpful.

Consider getting a pre-lit pull-up tree, which is easy to store and even easier to set up. Collapsible artificial Christmas trees can be stored flat. They can then be raised up on hinges. Be sure to keep the instruction manual if you buy a pull-up tree!

If your artificial Christmas tree is flocked, be sure to set a large blanket or sheet underneath the tree to catch the flocking that will inevitably fall off. You should also do this for any Christmas tree to protect your carpeting and floors, but it is especially important with flocked trees.

Setting up your artificial Christmas tree properly will help you when it is time to decorate it.

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