Ideal Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

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Many modern kitchens today feature beautiful stainless professional appliances – however, locating a stainless steel wine cooler can be quite a feat.

Most chairs possess a glass front that may perhaps not complement the kitchen’s style. 1 option would be to special order an under counter wine fridge, however, that will be quite cost prohibitive and may not offer all of the features you want at a wine chiller.

With typical wine refrigerators, you usually do not have options for brilliantly storing wine bottles that are opened.

As wine oxidizes when exposed to an atmosphere, keeping partially used bottles can be rather tough. Opened bottles of wine can start to spoil over hours unless stored with a specially designed wine preservation system.

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Pek Preservation Systems offers an exceptional solution for homeowners desiring a stainless steel wine chiller with features to absolutely conserve and chill their wine. Praised by such websites as Bon Appetit Magazine and Time Magazine, Pek wine refrigerators are both stylish and advanced.

Pek offers two choices of home knobs. The VinoVault Professional includes an elegant look with a European design that’ll look great in just about any kitchen. This wine refrigerator will hold 16 bottles held on wooden shelves that are crochet.

Best of all, the terrific appearances of this VinoVault Professional are further enhanced by a built-in wine preservation system which will enable storage of opened wine bottles. Your wine chiller comes designed with just two professional wine stoppers with the pour and clicks technology.

Pek offers a bigger stainless steel cooler, the VinoVault, that will be the expert version. It has space to perfectly chill 14 bottles on chrome slide-out shelves. Additionally, it provides the integrated wine preservation system to get wine bottles that are opened.


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