Introduction To Medical Billing Services

It’s not a secret now that the healthcare is inundated with paperwork. Many medical specialists claim they spend more time filling out forms than actually treating patients. A big portion of the endless pile of paperwork is related to coding, submitting and processing medical claims related to medical doctor or medical billing.

Here we are going to take a closer look at medical billing in general, issues related to medical records and the types of companies offering medical payment as a third get together service.

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Service Providers

Generally, there are over 7000 medical billing companies in America, and undoubtedly, the class and organizational structure of these businesses differs. However, medical billing companies can be labeled into 2 distinct teams; Home businesses and Practice Management companies. You may follow abeo for Practice Management services details.

Home business medical invoicing companies are typically small organizations with 1-2 employees. Many entrepreneurs of these types of organizations receive training and have earlier experience working in medical practices.

Practice management businesses are generally larger institutions with between 10 and over 100 employees. Practice management companies typically employ institutionalized processes to manage all aspects of medical payment.

Services and purposes

In most cases, medical invoicing is the process of facilitating payment from patients and insurance service providers for healthcare providers. More specifically, billing refers to the process of sending medical claims to medical insurance carriers and patients in order for health care providers, to receive repayment for services rendered.


One of the most frequent problems that healthcare facilities face is payment collection. Payment collection has traditionally been an issue for healthcare providers resulting from a complex system of rules, regulations and individuals. Payment collection issues range from inaccurate coding or untimely submission on account of the physician's office to patient population demographics and insurance carrier procedures, procedures and practices. 

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