Main Reasons Of Domestic violence

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The domestic violence has taken the shape of epidemic, and the it is gradually increasing according to time. Domestic violence is not only face by the woman, in fact a man also face the domestic violence.     

According to my thinking, the domestic violence can only do by those people, who are mentally disturbed. Because the violence is not the solution of any problem. Problem can be solved by politely negation. If you want to know more about the domestic violence protection tips , then you may take help from here

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There are lots of reasons behind of domestic violence, like lack of education, poor financial condition, mentally illness of any person many more. The one more strong reason of domestic violence is “drinking”. People who drink a lots, their mentally status is not good. After drinking, they start fighting, without any reason.

Mostly in case of arrange marriage, domestic violence is a normal part of the couple life. Almost people face the domestic violence, but due to low self-esteem, they don’t arise their voice against domestic violence.

The best way to find the reason of domestic of domestic is, start survey of those location where domestic violence mostly happen, also survey those locality where the ration of domestic violence is totally low.

After the survey, compare the collected data, and try to observe the mentality, and culture, of both localities. Then you will easily determine the reason of domestic violence. For more information on domestic violence, you may check out this site.

There is some more reason which also helps to arise the ration of domestic violence. There are the beds mentally toward women’s. Some people belief that girls are evil. The orthodox people help to arise the domestic violence, problem and also the man dominant society is also the reason of domestic violence.

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There are some other reasons that help to increase the level of domestic violence are following:

  • The women are evil.
  • Man should be the head of family.
  • The thinking of “masculinity” means controlling the women.
  •  The thinking that women are exploiter for man.

 These orthodox thinking type people are the main responsible for domestic violence.

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