Manual Mp3 to Text Transcription is Better than Automatic Conversion Options

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Transcription business is basically concerned with conversion of speech (recorded or live) in a written document. The audio files that need to be converted in text may be available in different formats like .wav, wma, dss and mp3 among others. Most companies offering transcription services are well versed in MP3 to text transcription. Mp3 is an audio format that can be easily used in recording audio for the purpose of playback. This audio format is also largely compatible to the equipments used for transcription. Since this format is widely used transcription companies can easily convert Mp3 files into text. Companies, hospitals, media as well as insurance firms can benefit from transcription services. This method of converting audio files into text can be used to document important meetings, conferences, political rallies, interviews etc. It serves as a way of maintaining a record of the things discussed in the meetings.

Technology has allowed companies to hold meetings even if the employees are located at different places through electronic medium. Transcription is the best possible way to document the matters discussed in these meetings. Transcription companies offering Mp3 to text conversion have experienced transcriptionists that possess excellent listening skills. These individuals also have exceptional language skills and the ability to understand the context of the spoken work. These transcription companies have top grade equipment including high speed broadband connection, computer, foot control pedal, voice recording machine and printer. Before selecting transcription firms it is advisable to check their past work including successfully completed projects. This can help in identifying transcriptions that have high accuracy levels and quick turnover of work. Other aspects to be considered before choosing a transcription company include complexity of the past projects completed, variety of work completed, domain specialists and experience in specific domains, satisfaction level of past clients and cost of the projects.

The level of accuracy should also be decided upon before selecting a transcription. While converting Mp3 files to text, the companies ordinarily uploads the files on the server of the transcription company. This is then downloaded by the company and the conversion is made. Following this the converted files are then again uploaded on the server. Besides accuracy confidentiality is also extremely important and this should be taken into consideration while selecting a transcriptionist.

Many transcription companies prefer Mp3 format for the audio files. This is because in many cases the Mp3 files can be directly sent for conversion. In case of files in other formats they have to be first converted into Mp3 format and then the transcription is done.


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