Military Grade MRE Meals Buying Guide

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If you are interested in MREs, then there is a good reason for this. For example, some people like them because they are easy to eat when they are in the woods, which makes activities such as camping, hiking and hunting easy. Other prefer to keep them just for emergency purposes, when they have nothing to eat, for some reasons. If you have ever bought these products, then you know that they are available both in civilian and military grades.

However, it is important to note that military grade MRE meals do not come in a different array of flavors and foods as civilian MREs. The good news is that they are more nutritious and last longer. Chances are that you are likely to get a complete meal. In other words, you can get an installment of snacks, spreads, beverages, desserts, and even bread. They are also available in accessory kits such as coffee with non-dairy creamer, spoons, napkins, as well as condiment kits. Flameless ration heater (FRH) is mainly optional.

Civilian grade MRE meals are often available in mix and match components, and chances of getting full meals in one package is hard. For this reason, if you are looking to stock up simple supplies, then military grade MRE is the best option to go for, compared to the civilian option. 

However, if you are a traditionalist, you should consider the military option, either surplus or simply those that have been made from the same supply stocks, which the department of defense purchases. It is important to note that just because the product says that it is military grade does not mean it is. There are some that have been made purely for civilians, but they meet military standards. Practical users should not keep such details in mind, and a person is advised to look deeper into the product line before purchase.

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