Never say No to dehumidifiers

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Dehumidifiers are more useful than Air conditioners and are true warriors for your health in a climate of excess humidity levels.

A Dehumidifier works on the principle of air condensation, it is very simple. The air loses heat and also starts loosing ability to retain/contain moisture. Colder surface pulls and collects moisture by turning it into water. Still colder surfaces automatically can pull water from warm air.

The Four essential components

 Fan Compressor

  • Re heater
  • Compressor cooling coils
  • Reservoir

Difference with an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner functions more or less like to a dehumidifier, pulling warm air inside and cycling it on cold coils. The difference lies that unlike a dehumidifier it does not do reheating of the air before its exhaustion. The purpose of an Air Conditioner is cooling of your room/home/place to some desired temperature and that is all. Humidity levels may go up once it stops functioning. In fact, you would feel much hotter than actual after an Air Conditioner stops running.

Relative humidity

It is roughly what you generally experience and complaint about humidity in the air depending upon temperature. The air can have some fixed quantifiable water vapor. Relative humidity is calculated as the ratio of vapor present in the air to this fixed amount.


1.      An Inside fan usually collects air from the surrounding pulls it into the unit

2.      The air passes through and contacts cooling coils

3.      Cooling coils condensates to get moisture out of the air

4.      The accumulated moisture which remains on the coils and is dripped back in the reservoir

5.      The air is reheated and exhausts back in the surrounding


Some dehumidifiers are designed to act as Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System. Click here for more info in this concern.


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