Paper Shredders And Paper Jams

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In the past, paper shredders could only handle a single piece of paper at any one time while shredding. If you put more than one or two pieces of paper in at once, the shredder would jam, and the paper would get stuck, necessitating you to manually take out the stuck paper. With modern shredders, several pieces of paper can be fed in and shredded at once. You can find such paper shredders on ShredderWizard. Occasionally, paper jams still happen. This is mostly due to three reasons: overfeeding, misfeeding, and fast feeding.

Overfeeding: This is when too much paper is fed in at once. Make sure to know your sheet capacity so that you can prevent jamming. If you sheet capacity is eight sheets, don’t go above it.

Mis-feeding: Feeding in a piece of paper that has been creased or folded can trip up many shredders and cause them to jam. In most cases, the paper will get stuck in the rotating blades, meaning that the top of the shredder must be lifted off, and the paper pulled out manually.

Fast feeding: This happens when a piece of paper is fed into the shredder faster than the machine can handle and before it has finished shredded the previous stack of paper. To avoid this, make sure the first stack is finished before you feed in the second one.

Some modern paper shredders have anti-jam technology that will be able to electronically detect the thickness of the paper being fed into it. If it is over a certain thickness, then it will reject the paper. If creased or folded paper is fed into the shredder, it can sense it, and reverse the feed so it can be taken out.

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