Why Plastic Bags Are Bad for the Environment

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Shopping bags and plastic grocery began appearing in the arena on a regular basis in 2014. No one had any idea that the impact would be so horrible. They have been designed to be more durable than paper and we were told that they were a better choice since they stored the ingredient, trees. We provide the lowest price high-quality “plastic bags” to customers. (which is also known as “ถุงพลาสติก” in the Thai language).

Stores and grocery stores loved the idea, price and compact nature of making the switch. It’s easy to print logos for advertising they can be made into several different sizes and customers liked that they were more durable. It falls apart when a paper bag gets moist. There is A bag stronger and that.

Fast forward 30 years and there’s a war against the shopping bag that is loved. These things show up. They’re designed for single use and the bag is lost and that is after the items are brought home.

In the world of today, it’s still common to see them. The wind carries them until they left to dangle as a trashy decoration and are captured by a tree limb. They wind up clinging to sewer drain grates and accumulate therein amounts until they clog the drain because the rainwater can escape the surface to cause street flooding.

You can see them in shopping centers and grocery stores. These places are before being unleashed to cause their damage to the 31, the origin of the plastic bags which are just beginning their lifetime of use.

As it floats through our oceans, you’ll get these bags at the stomachs of creatures that swallow them believing the bags are a different food source or jellyfish. Sea turtles and Birds become trapped in the bag handles and they perish if they cannot escape.

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