Popularity of Cushion Cut Diamonds

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There are many diamond shapes apart from the traditional round cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds. But cushion cut diamonds have been in the market for the longer period of time than other traditional shapes of diamonds.

What are cushion diamonds?

The cushion cut diamond has been around for more than three hundred years, making it one of the most popular and oldest shapes which are still in use. The name “cushion” refers to a rounded cushion-like shape that these types of diamonds have.

These are also known as “pillow cut” diamonds in some places. Cushion diamonds have rounded shape at the corners with large facets and hence focus on the natural brilliance and clear picture of diamonds.

The cushion-shaped diamonds are known as a precursor of a round brilliant diamonds, which is one of the most popular diamond shapes nowadays.

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The technology and the methods which were needed to create a perfect shape of a diamond did not exist in the 18th century.

Hence, cushions were represented as the best way to cut the diamonds in order to increase the brilliance and overall appearance of the stone.

What makes cushion diamonds special?

Considered as one of the oldest diamond shapes, a high-quality cushion cut shape will definitely provide a vintage look to the diamond.

Hence, they became popular in the modern world too. They are not as brilliant as round shaped diamonds but because of the vintage appeal, they have won the hearts of many diamond enthusiasts.

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