Process of 6D Eyebrow Embroidery

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Numbing Cream

Numbing cream is used and you can leave it for 14-20 minutes.

If you are scared of pain, you may appeal for the numbing cream to be port on for half an hour. While for my situation, I am pretty much used to pain by now so 14-15 minutes workings great. You can also get micro blade eyebrows training by clicking right here.

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Removal of Extra Eyebrow Development

Pare off the excess hairs around the eyebrows before drawing on

Eyebrow Designing

Drawing the ideal eyebrows shape for me personally — that is totally customized for every individual before the beginning of embroidery process.

Planning of 3D Eyebrow Embroidery Tools

Needles, Blade and Color Every pair of eyebrow embroidery needles and blades are new for every individual client — for hygiene purposes.

Clients can be well assured that the collections used are brand new since, in the end of eyebrow embroidery session, they’ll be awarded their own used needles and blades — to get touch-up one week after, if desired — or only for a keepsake.

The needles and blade aren’t as frightening as it appears.  This can be magnified a million times for you to get a closer look.

In normal situations, just a shade of brown is required.  As a result of my naturally dark-colored complexion, she needed to combine in 2 shades of colors — blackish and brown — for my forehead embroidery.

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