Romance Elements in Deadly Fights

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Just like the Battle Royale series in the Manga Books, The Hunger Games is also a fight of young adults which is filled with brutality, yet much drama and cliches. We are going to discuss the tragedy of Katniss in the first days of her fight. 

In this group of people, Katniss sees a little girl in the District 11, named Rue, hiding in a tree near her. Rue points to Katniss that there is a nest of lethal wasps above her head, which was installed by the Capitol. Katniss cuts the nest, dropping it to the Career pack, killing two of them. Katniss takes the bows and arrows of the dead ones as these are the things she used really well in her hunts. As she runs to retrieve the bows, Peeta arrives, telling her to run away as a dangerous opponent is approaching. Peeta obstructs him so that Katniss can escape, however, she passes out moments later. 

Rue finds Katniss, so the two of them form a bond to get food and forages together. Katniss suddenly thinks that the Careers will have no more advantages if they do not have the Cornucopia supplies.

She tells Rues to decoy some fires and Katniss sneak up to the pyramid that is outside of the main camp area. As Rues fires, the Careers leave to inspect it, leaving the chance for Katniss to blow up the Pyramid by dropping some apples on the mines that were set to protect the pyramid. Rue is not at the appointed meeting place, she is confronted by another opponent, which killed here with a spear. Katniss buried the young girl in flowers. 

All depressed, Katniss know a news: in the previous fights, only one tribute can win, but now the two from a district can win the fight together. Katniss finds Peeta immediately after one day. From the fight with Cato, Peeta is badly injured, and he can only barely walk. As Peeta seems to die soon, Katniss kisses him. Right after that, a pot of broth is found outside, which is from Haymitch, indicating that should there is any romance action between Katniss and Peeta, there will be a reward. 

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