Severe Pain may increase the use of opioid addiction

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Significant Pain Significantly Increases Risk of Opioid Addiction

Persistent pain is debilitating, it takes over your life, according to patients. The prospect of ongoing pain is why torture is successful. One of the struggles in modern pain mitigation is how to prevent opioid dependence without adding to the suffering of those with persistent pain, like cancer patients.

Part of the issue is a deficiency of skill to describe pain and the changing degrees of severity. New survey data analysis finds that those who report reasonable pain are likely to develop an opioid dependence. The scholars analyzed age, gender, anxiety or mood disorders, and family history of drug, alcohol, and behavioral difficulties, together with pain (measured on a five-point scale of pain-related interference in daily tasks) and prescription opioid use disorders.

Using a structural equation model, people that have prescription and individuals with pain opioid use disorders were more likely to report recent substance use, disposition, or anxiety disorders or have a family history of alcohol use disorder. Males and younger adults were at increased risk of prescription opioid use disorders, females and older adults were more likely to report pain. You may participate in the discussions and get the up to date information on the pain diagnosis at Pain discussion forum

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