Some Ways to Make Money With Photography

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There are hundreds of ways to make money with photography. Some methods only need a camera and a connection to the internet. With other techniques, you will have to travel and go on special assignment to capture the shot. Below are a few of the top money making photography tactics.

1. Upload your images to stock photography websites – These stock photography websites pay you whenever someone downloading one of your images. On an average, you make 30-50% commission each time a purchase is made.

2. Set up a photo blog – Hosting your images by yourself website is a superb way to make more income and showcase your projects. You can make money from adverting, selling photography services or selling photos online.

3. Create custom products – Many people wish to see themselves over a favorite mug, blanket, cushion, or t-shirt. Offering these custom products are easy using free online tools.

4. Offer your photography services – Many offline businesses need photography enthusiasts to consider pictures with their products or store fronts for use online. To know more about photography, you can also visit

5. Take images for people to sell items on consignment – You will find loads of individuals assisting others list their items for public sale or sales on popular classified websites. Craigslist and eBay are two effective websites to help this method.

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