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The Dark Age Of Manga

Written by editor on September 28, 2016 Categories: Travel and Leisure Tags: , , , ,

When a ghoul is ready to kill people, they will release the tentacles inside their bodies, which is called the kage which is especially used for murdering. The majority of the first volume concentrates on how our main character, Kaneki, restrains himself from killing people. Just like we eat food, eating a human is a […]

Romance Elements in Deadly Fights

Written by editor on September 27, 2016 Categories: Travel and Leisure Tags: , , , ,

Just like the Battle Royale series in the Manga Books, The Hunger Games is also a fight of young adults which is filled with brutality, yet much drama and cliches. We are going to discuss the tragedy of Katniss in the first days of her fight.  In this group of people, Katniss sees a little […]

Fictional Works With Wide Range Of Characters

Written by editor on September 23, 2016 Categories: Travel and Leisure Tags: , , , , ,

The Read manga online free in english focuses on Deku, the main character who is trying to be a hero. In the world that this guy is living, the societal formation is based on the super power. Heroics is legalized: heroes will be employed to solve the emergency cases, and the one with more popularity […]