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Dragon Eye Manga Review

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DRAGON DRIVE              • Ken-ichi Sakura • Viz (2007–ongoing) • Shueisha (Monthly Shônen Jump, 2001–2006) • 14 volumes • Shônen, Video Game, Fantasy, Adventure • All Ages (mild violence)             Reiji’s a loser kid who isn’t really good at anything. One day his best friend, Maiko, introduces him to a secret virtual reality game called […]

Review Manga I Am the Devil

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 THE DEVIL DOES EXIST             Akuma de Sôrô, “I Am the Devil” • Mitsuba Takanashi • CMX (2005–2007) • Shueisha (Bessatsu Margaret, 1998–2002) • 11 volumes • Shôjo, Romantic Drama • 13+ (mild language, mild violence, se-xual situations)             Seventeen-year-old Kayano finds herself attracted to a sixteen-year-old rebel: Takeru Edogawa, the “prince of attraction,” the […]

Manga fact :Manga are stories. Long stories. With endings

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Outside of the small presses, the American comics market isn’t about stories; it’s about franchises. The classic superhero comics, from Supermanto Spider-Man,have beginnings but no endings; they focus on one-shots, collectibles, and novelty items; they are owned by corporations and designed to be reinvented endlessly by “new creative teams.”  Boku no Hero Academia Manga By […]