Texting Mistakes You Are Probably Doing

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Do you think you are making too many mistakes while texting a girl you like? If you ever sent a woman a message and never got a reply from her, you probably think this way. Well, here are some mistakes you are probably doing and some advice how to avoid them.

Not Being Aggressive Enough

The reason why you often never get a response from girls is probably because you aren't aggressive enough. Of course, this isn't physical aggressiveness, but actually reflects your attitude. This means you should never fluff talk with her about random topics but instead focus on concrete goals. One of these goal should be to get her on a date with you. If you don't try to push the talk to a date, you are going nowhere with her and eventually the conversation will just end.

Not Knowing What You Are Doing

There is the saying " if you don't know where you are going how will you know when you get there?" This means that if you don't know what you are doing, you will just fail again and again. This is why you should at least have a plan where you want to take this conversation with her (hint: you should take it to a date). You should always know where you take the discussion with her and how to move it to a meeting with her.

You Aren't Fun Enough

Too many guys are too boring. They start off with something boring and keep the discussion on this level. So it's no wonder when they don't hear back from her. Every guy should add fun to his messages. Every message you send, should make her laugh. Joke around with her and don't take it too seriously. Learn to tease her through texts, banter with her and never let the discussion get too serious. She is more likely agreeing to a date with you, if you can make it fun for her.

Learn to avoid these mistakes and you will start getting more responses from girls. Do not let your messages get too boring, be direct with her and know what you are doing and you will improve your text messages.

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