The Benefits of Comparative and Formative Testing

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What are the Benefits of Comparative and Formative Usability Testing for Websites?

A site that is hard to navigate or unintuitive will usually cause visitors to leave and not return. Since this is the opposite reaction any website owner wants, it is important to invest in what is known as usability testing.
Usability testing can be used effectively by your Toronto web design company to locate as well as rectify problems present on your website. Let us see how.

Types of Usability Testing

There are two types of usability testing, one is comparative and the other is formative. Let us go through differences between the two.

Comparative Testing: 

Toronto Web Design companyWith comparative testing the effort is examining the user-friendliness of your website's interface. A few of the metrics used for this purpose include:
• Task completion rate
• Time taken for completing a task
• User satisfaction rating
• Errors present on the site
By utilizing these metrics your Toronto web design company is able to judge how usable your site is, examine different user interfaces and benchmark them.

Formative Testing:

Formative testing is a type of usability testing which helps in identification and rectification of problems at the time website is designed.
The focus here is on analyzing the reasons any specific problems occurs so that right steps can be taken for solving them.

Usability Testing and Site Redesign

Usabilty testing is just as important with site redesigns as it is with initial creation. The reason being that usability testing will help your Toronto web design company identify weaknesses of your present site so that required steps can be taken to rectify those issues when the site is redesigned.

Usability Testing and Launch of a Website

Many people think that usability testing is only useful when design and development of site is complete. This is short-sighted thinking. If usability testing is conducted right at the time your website will be going live, there will be two likely outcomes of such testing.
• Result of the tests may well show that site has been properly designed with good user interface.
• Another outcome could be identification of errors present on your website.
Since usability testing will be performed close to launch date for the site, designers will not be have required time to fix all errors. In such situation minor errors will be fixed while correction of serious errors will be scheduled for a future date.
This will mean that your site will continue to suffer from performance bottlenecks till the time those errors are solved. 
It would be better to perform usability testing on a continuous basis beginning with the designing of the site so that errors present on the site can be easily rectified before site is made live.


To conclude we can say that it is quite important for every website to invest in usability testing to ensure site performs as expected without any errors or problems.

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