The Best Red-Colored Espresso Makers

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Not everyone is a fan of cliché silver or black espresso makers. Some people need a colored machine so that it can enhance the beauty of their kitchen. Most espresso machines don't come with a variety of colors, but some have managed to extend their range of shades. Nowadays, apart from the primary hues, companies are introducing espresso makers in different bright colors, out of which the most wanted one is red.

However, it's not easy to buy the best espresso machine that is all about value and also rocks a bold red color. If you want a red espresso maker that can satisfy your needs as well, this article has got what you need. Here are the two best red espresso makers that can intensify the looks of any room you'll place it in and provide you with the tastiest espresso you'll ever drink.

1. De'Longhi Dedica Slimline Red Espresso Maker

This stylish espresso maker is not just red but also pretty much slimmer than all other espresso makers. It is almost half the width as compared to the pump-driven machines yet has a good-sized water tank at the back and generous space for a cup warmer at the top. Other key features of this beautiful machine include 15-bar pump pressure, variable settings, and support for ground coffee and easy-serving espresso (ESE) capsules which make the brewing process less messy and easier.

2. Breville Red Barista Express

This sophisticated espresso maker doesn't sacrifice looks and style for durability. This machine has been built to last and possesses an attractive design that is dyed with a beautiful red color. Apart from the looks, it has integrated and hands-free grinder, powerful pump, programmable volumetric, and everything you need to prepare a delicious cup of coffee.

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