The Dark Age Of Manga

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When a ghoul is ready to kill people, they will release the tentacles inside their bodies, which is called the kage which is especially used for murdering. The majority of the first volume concentrates on how our main character, Kaneki, restrains himself from killing people. Just like we eat food, eating a human is a matter of instincts for ghouls, therefore it is against their nature not to eat human flesh, therefore a rabid hunger haunts Kaneki day and night, he can no longer dwell in social events as everyone he sees feel like a feast. And… that is the end of Kaneki's humanity. Don't like how this sounds? You could use some Read Hajime no Ippo manga online.

The screenshots and commercial posters of Tokyo Ghoul are pretty, which can lure you to read the series and begin your days with rough and horrendous pictures. The series feature an art style that is rough, sketchy and quite ugly at some times. In my opinion, even though Japanese manga features disproportion characters, these manga characters take disproportion into a whole new realm. And the older characters in the series look weird. Just weird. But anyhow, it serves the plot quite alright, as this is a bizarre world, to begin with. The fight scenes can be quite intense. But neither the plot nor the art is the thing that matters in this series, its message is what important. More than the fights, more than the fan services, it discusses how people and the government react to a new and dangerous species, as well as how these species survive, what they think, the philosophies that they follow, being the dark creatures that are despised in the world. There are more works in this categories at Readterest.

Straight up speaking, this manga should belong in the horror category for its dark theme, content, and art. The thriller also haunts the audience psychologically. Nothing nice, or funny, or cute awaits you here. But it is a treasure for anyone who is struggling with the existential crisis. Hmm, you may not even know you have the crisis until you read this manga, so we urge that you do. 

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