The Prevalence of Low Back Pain

Back pain is a very common condition in the United States.  The last statistic I heard was that somewhere in the neighborhood of eighty six percent of Americans will experience back pain in their adult life.  It’s one of the leading causes of worker’s compensation claims paid out in the United States as well.  That’s why many companies spend millions of dollars every year on ergonomics.  For instance, Intel has an entire department devoted to ergonomics.  An employee can request an ergonomics expert to come in a review their workstation.  Companies like Intel are willing to spend the money because they know they will be saying a lot more in the long run.

That is because low back injuries can be very costly to fix.  Back surgery can cost tens of thousands of dollar.  Plus there is rehabilitation and physical therapy costs.  There are however a lot of other less invasive and less costly options depending on the situation.  Someone has to be pretty bad off to need back surgery.  Before that option should always be something along the lines of physical therapy, acupuncture, or in my opinion the best option which is chiropractic.  That’s what helped my with my back pain was going to the best Chandler chiropractic office and getting lined up.

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