Things To Consider When Selecting A Winch Line

The quality of a line or rope plays a vital role in picking up heavy items with a winch machine. There are different types of lines and ropes available in the market that are used with a winch. Below are two things that one should consider while selecting a line or rope that should be used with the right winching machine:

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1. Length of the line or rope

Using the right length of line is crucial to efficient lifting. It should not be too short that it does not wrap around the item properly or too much that it is have to be overloaded. The main disadvantage of overloading is that it can be damaging for winch and line or the rope itself. It also requires more power to work with overloaded line on the drum. In fact there are some types of projects in which professionals recommends using shorter line or rope instead of using extra line or rope. You will easily find lines and ropes along with cable pulling winch for sale.

2. Strength

The strength and diameter of a winch are interrelated. That is the reason professionals recommend using line that has at least 1.5-2 times more breaking strength than the drawing capacity of the winch. If winch has a pulling capacity of 9,000 lbs then rope or line should have a breaking point of more than 14,000 to 18000 pounds or more. For extra strength you can always use a winch with a bigger diameter. Remember that with the diameter of winch, one should also increase the diameter of the line or rope and lessen the length of the line or rope so it can fit the drum of the machine.

These are two things that should be considered while selecting line or rope for winch. 

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