Tips For Designing Logo For Envelopes

There are a lot of things that one should consider while getting your business logo printed on envelopes or any office stationary. Firstly it should represent your business and products so that people can easily identify with your business or brand. Below are a few other things that you should keep in mind while selecting logo for your business or organization

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1. Logo should be unique

Make sure that the logo you have selected to represent your business or organization is a unique one. Many businessmen prefer to copy already existing logos but according to professionals it is not a good idea. It is because people will know that it is a copied logo and are not likely to trust your business, services and products. It also looks very unprofessional even if your logo is similar to already existing one.

2. Colour of the logo

It is very important to use the right colours for your logo. It is advisable to use colours that are consistent with corporate hues, as it will become a representation of your brand. When it comes to designing a logo, colours are always less important or secondary to design. It is advisable to use such a design that can easily be adjusted to different sizes.

3. Size of the logo

Ensure that size of the logo is not too big or too small. Also make sure that ratio of its width and height is appropriate. Most people go with square logos as they can easily be adapted to different kinds of artwork. Square can also be easily adjusted while printed whether it is custom printed envelopes, stationary or letterhead.

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