Types of air purifier

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Today people pay more and more attention to indoor air pollutants. Air purifier is used for solving indoor pollutions. The main function of air cleaner is to treat pollution by reducing or eliminating the source of the pollutants.

Many people think that’s the way the air purifier goes —— filters and air cleaning.

Actually they are about five types of air purifiers on the market. The first one is High Efficiency Particulate Accumulation or HEPA. According to the test, this kind of air cleaning machine has great effect in cleaning solid particles. It can remove more than 99% big particles. The second one is the electronic purifier. This air purifier draws particles into the machine by its fan. Then, it will be the self-charging electrostatic purifier. This air cleaning machine creates static to attract harmful particles by using its fibers. Next one is the ultra-violet light purifier. Many air purifiers have settings to decide the level of cleaning power, but this unit has no way to adjust the level to kill bacteria and harmful substance. The last type is the ozone- ionizer. This air purifier is my favorite one, for it cleans the air firstly by oxidation. It turns the ozone into the molecules of the pollutant and then it began ionizing. This step is to drop those particles out of the air and balance +/- ionic in your air.

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