Types of Dessert Wine

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Dessert wines are also known as pudding wines. These are sweet wines that are best served with desserts. Some of the famous dessert wines are:


1. Sparkling Dessert Wine

Sparkling dessert wines are bubbly and highly acidic which makes them less sweet than they actually are. There are certain types of grapes which have a sweeter fragrance as compared to other types of grapes. For example Demi-Sec Traditional Champagne and Demi-Sec Sparkling Moscato have the same amount of sugar content but Demi-Sec Traditional Champagne tastes less sweet.

2. Lightly Sweet Dessert Wine

These wines are refreshing and sweet in taste. They are considered perfect for summers or exceptionally hot days. Most of these sweet wines are often paired with spicy foods like Southeast Asian cuisine or Indian food. These wines are famous for exploding fruit flavours. They are considered best when accompanied by vanilla or fruit based desserts. These are often offered in dessert degustation Perth restaurants.

3. Richly Sweet Dessert Wine

These types of wines are made by an unfortified process and they consist of the highest quality of grapes. Most of these wines are aged up to 50 years because their fresh flavour is preserved by acidity and sweetness of the wine.

4. Fortified wines

These wines are made when brandy is mixed with a wine to create fortified wine.  Brandy used can either be sweet or dry. Most fortified wines have higher alcohol content. Once these wines are opened they have a longer shelf life than other dessert wines.

These are some of the famous dessert wines.

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