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There are myriad reasons why your doctor may suggest that you attend physical therapy rehab. You might have been involved in a collision or are recovering from a significant operation.

You might have been born with a specific health condition, or have experienced a stroke or disorder which has caused a diminished potential for motion.

Whatever you’re specific conditions, your physician has probably recommended physical therapy for a means for one to accomplish a greater operational capability.

Throughout the duration of your therapy, you can expect to meet with a therapist that will take your medical history and execute a couple of physical examinations to ascertain the correct course of therapy.

Additionally, you can expect to be subject to particular tests or imaging studies for example x-rays or MRIs throughout the event to assess the development of your therapy.

If you’re now hospitalized for your illness, your physical therapists may cure you in an inpatient basis.

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Likewise many nursing homes, hospices, as well as colleges may have physical therapy rehab centers offered for residents.

Long Island Senior Rehabilitation and Senior Physical Therapy provide excellent rehabilitation service at reasonable range. You can also consult with them.

If your condition doesn’t require hospitalization, your health care provider can refer you to the rehab center best suited to your requirements.

The most essential element in your therapy, however, is that you. Physical therapy rehab is a cooperative task, and also the more engaged you are in the process of healing, the greater your results are most likely to be.

Naturally, a general summary of physical therapy rehab may not look very helpful for you after undergoing a traumatic illness or harm.

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