Visiting Europe’s Two Ends: the North Sea and the Adriatic Sea

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Amsterdam, the city of canals and waterways is nicknamed as ‘the Venice of the North’. Venice, on the Adriatic coast is renowned for its numerous waterways; and the most heard about among them being the Grand Canal thoroughfare. Both, the Netherlands and Italy have a broad spectrum of cultural and recreational sites.

Travel Destinations in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s main attraction is its enormous number of museums. There are over fifty museums in the city attracting millions of travelers each year. The Hash Marihuana Museum, the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum are the ones you must not miss visiting while in Amsterdam. It is estimated that nearly 85% of the yearly 11.3 million travelers visiting Amsterdam visit its museums!

However, travel destinations in Amsterdam don’t just end with the museums. There are many interesting places one must visit across the city. Oude Kerk, the old church with its buildings in Gothic-renaissance style is a calm heaven among the busy Red Light District.  The historic Dam Square, the poetic and quiet Begijnhof, the vivid nightlife at the Red Light District, Rembrandtplein and the Leidseplein, the busy Albert Cuyp Market, the Vondelpark, the popular Artis Zoo, the Magere Brug and one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens at the Hortus Botanicus are some of the most interesting places in Amsterdam. After all these, a trip to Amsterdam would never be complete without a visit to its windmills, the tulip gardens and a boat cruise on its intricate canals!


Amazing Vacations in Italy

There is an enormous list of amazing vacation sites in Italy. Apart from the most famous Vatican and Sistine Chapel in Rome, you can taste food and wine from the hills of Umbria and Tuscany. A visit to Pompeii, the gondola ride, a walk across the famous Cinque Terre coast, the Carnival Festival in Venice, a visit to the Roman Forum and the Colosseum at Rome, a visit to the fashion capital at Milan; and the list goes on. With a never-ending catalogue of vivid and amazing vacation sites, Italy can keep you busy for years!


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