What Does an Online Review of a Hotel Really Mean?

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The internet has now made it possible to spread beyond the boundaries of traditional social networks, so much so that you can now hope to take the views of relative visitors when deciding on where to stay when going on holiday. Whereas this can be valuable to making a decision on a place you are unfamiliar with there are some things to watch out for.

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People are more likely to criticize if they have had a bad experience

It seems obvious, but of all reviews on any website, mostly the person has felt forced to write because they have had a bad experience. It tells that the reviews are usually always stacked against the hotelier. Whereas they may have had 2 bad reviews, there could be 2000 consumers out there that have had a best experience, but did not feel bound to write because they have had a good experience. You can have better understanding about online reviews on hotels via kiphakes.com that can provide you excellent information on this.

People’s expectations may not be in line with the hotel’s own values

Often I see hotel reviews that are just not in tune with what the hotel has to provide. Hotelier’s; whether branded or unbranded are generally very good at telling about themselves precisely, particularly when it comes down to place, amenities offered and size. Hence they believe they give sufficient information for the guests to make some assumptions. For example a hotel smack bang in the middle of Manchester, right next to the city center and motorway is doubtful to be quiet; though you will see people reviewing the hotel complaining of the noise.

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